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hello my name is distance, and i really dont care if i ever wake up again
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
9:19 pm
even if her plane crashes tonight she'll find someway to disappoint me
alright, thought i'd update. i'm at my friends video store, waiting on her so we can go to the pub.
going to finish with my girl, its been 4 months and i'm so bored and she moans at me a lot. hardly any sex either. i miss my glassjaw cd. will be at void on sat, getting absolutely bladdered i hope. oh, credible noise was awesome, and apparently i'm 'teh emo'.
die young and save yourselves
Monday, June 6th, 2005
1:09 pm
i ripped my heart out to give to you
alright folks, was through staying with jenni last week and it was really cool, although i didnt get much sleep cos she snores bigtime! all her friends came to her room for a few hours and interrogated me for a wee while, that was the scariest moment of my life. Anyways, i'll need to get myself to void sometime soon, probably after next payday. oh, and if anyone wants to go to bannermans on thursday let me know, a band i really like, called magdalena are playing, actually i mentioned them on this before.
die young and save yourselves

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
12:39 pm
i chew the thorn when midnight gets too long
went to see vhs or beta on thursday, kinda new-wave/disco but they sound like duran duran, they were awesome, and the support where good too, magdalena, a kinda sonic youth/my bloody valentine band, the singer was hot too. jenni went to glasgow on sunday, her mum gave her a lift through and i got dragged along to carry all the bags to her room. she's through there doing her vet nursing course for 7 weeks. its not far away but it just feels it. she's coming back for the weekend tho and i'm gonna go through and stay over every now and then. how weird have i got, i used to be out pulling tons of randoms and now i'm pining over a girl. oh well kiddies, i guess i'm just growing up a wee bit,
die young and save yourselves
Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
1:06 pm
i never stopped believing in you and me
alrite folks, this'll be my new journal, cos i forgot my password. these arms are snakes and cephallic carnage are playing in the next couple of months. my girlfriend goes to glasgow at the weekend for 7 weeks, will be a bit shit, having to trek through all the time, but she'll be here at the weekends as well, so its no too bad. ali gi me a call wi ur new number so i can get my fuckin cd's back!
die young and save yourselves

Current Mood: in love
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